Full Service Maintenance Contractor

We take on anything from the smallest of jobs to large-scale remediation and rebuilding of multiple units, managing projects to ensure costs are kept in check, communication is clear among all parties, and that work is completed in a timely fashion.

Quality and HSE are Paramount

Reliant Residential Services is a full-service residential maintenance contractor, servicing condominium properties, apartment buildings, multi-plex and single family dwellings, owned and rented. We work with owners, boards, associations, management companies, and renters alike to ensure that all those things that need attention, are attended to promptly and professionally. When something disrupts your comfort, we are the “go-to”, to see that that issue gets resolved quickly and that the residential or commercial place is back to the way it was. We also understand that an emergency call is likely due to something unexpected and/or inconvenient, so we try and provide you our immediate attention and response.

We are a company that takes pride in the work that we do. Our continuous expansion of services is due to our willingness to take on new jobs and challenges. If a client asks, “can you do…”, the answer is almost always “yes”. If it has to do with home/commercial maintenance – it is within our scope.

customer and maintenance working shaking hands

Our Clients

Our clients are our reason for existence.  Whether a single family homeowner, landlord, resident of a condominium property, or a commercial building owner and operator – we help you go about your daily life or business without having to worry about all the minor building maintenance and repair details. In many cases, our clients are experiencing the aftermath of an uncomfortable situation such as a flood, and are already upset.  We are here to help them return to comfortable daily life as quickly, cleanly, and with as little further disruption as possible. We enjoy working with clients to build a comprehensive and proactive maintenance and repair program.  Regular attention to maintenance can often prevent conditions that may result in large damages.

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Our Approach

We are building a company that will, at every stage, be regarded as best-in-class for the work we do.  Our range of services has expanded because we are willing to take on new jobs and challenges as we are faced with them.  If a client asks, “can you do …”, the answer is almost always “yes”.  If something is beyond our ability, or those we trust and regularly work with, we are forthright with whoever asked the question – but we find a way to do most anything.   If it has to do with home maintenance – it is within our scope.

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Safe work practices are paramount to us, in order to protect not only our staff, but our customers and the environment.  We are WCB-covered, insured, and members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

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