We regularly deal with the aftermath of flood damage but would prefer to educate our customers and help them prevent such damage in the first place. We are very pleased to offer and install a range of “smart-home” technologies that can help you save money and severe headaches.

  • Actively monitoring and managing water consumption can determine if you have any leaks in your system. A small leak at a toilet flapper can cost hundreds of dollars annually in wasted water. We alert you via text message of any unusual findings.
  • Analyse your sump pump operation and performance. You are alerted via text message of any unusual sump pump operation, high water levels, and power outages.
  • Detect water where it should not be by using our smart water sensors. Common areas causing floods are dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, hot weather tanks, refrigerators, and sinks, tubs, and showers. Our sensors send alerts via text message if water is unexpectedly detected in any of these areas.
  • We will soon be able to have our equipment automatically shut off the main water valve if water is detected by these sensors. Proactiveness can save tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars in flood restoration, not to mention the discomfort of living through a flood.

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